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Nearly all organizations benefit from the use of data to manage expectations, allocate resources, and make business decisions. However, not all organizations have the need for a full-time data scientist or statistician. That is where Action Consulting comes in. We provide consultants to give your organization the level of services related to data analysis it really needs!

Services We Provide

Not Just Report Writing

Nearly all businesses engage in some form of regular reporting. These reports typcially display numbers such as quarterly profits and trends. Our reports, produced at whichever frequency suits your business needs, go beyond the basics. Hidden in any data set are all kinds of insights with the potential to improve your business. It's just a manner of getting someone with statistical experience, as well as an understanding of your business, to dig deeper and Unlock the Power of Your Data!

The reports we produce will be clear, concise, and easily digestible for all levels of your organization. Most importantly, they will focus on producing actionable insights for your organization!

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Other Ad-Hoc Analyses

Our consultants are able to, upon request, go beyond the reporting schedule developed for your business. As specific analyses of data can often be needed for other purposes such as...

  • Making important business decisions
  • Resource allocation
  • Assessing the impact of specific events

Whether your organization is considering a new idea, wants to reconsider its needs, or is curious about the risk and impact of specific external events, Action Consulting can also produce additional data analyses when necessary!

Data Maturity

Insights provided by our consultants will also help organizations mature when it comes to data use. This includes recommendations regarding...

  • Improvements to data collection
  • Implementing data insights into large-scale decision making
  • Communicating insights to all levels of the organization

How it works

We Start By Learning About You!

We at Action Consulting understand that every business is unique. Your processes, targeted customers, price points, and even your overall mission are not the same as others in your industry. Most importantly, so is the manner in which you collect your data. Our consultant will take the time to learn about your business processes and data collection processes in order to approach the analyses we provide properly! 

However, mindful that every organization has its day-to-day operations that must be complete, we will work around your schedule to do so in a manner that has minimal impact on your organization.

Then We Provide the Insights Your Organization Needs to Thrive!

We understand that while the work we will provide for you will have a profound and positive impact on your organization, data analysis is not at the center of your day-to-day life. Therefore, we will be available when needed, providing your organization with insights to help improve operations, manage risks, and make decisions. At other times, we leave you to your daily work.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Performance Management

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