Organizations everywhere are seeing the benefits of using data to produce better decisions and business results! For some organizations, this is a full-time job. For others, it requires a different level of services. ActionStat will provide your organization with the level of services it needs to benefit from using data to inform decisions. Contact us now to discuss your organization's data needs.

The Benefits of Being Data-Driven

Organizations that make decisions based on data...

  • See a better bottom line, and are more likely to stay ahead of trends that may impact their competitors
  • Have more control over their organization's social impact
  • Will have their decisions viewed as more impartial and fair by employees and other stakeholders

Why Us?

  • Experienced Data Science consultants
  • The right level of services for your organization (part time, irregular, project-based)
  • Methodology that seeks to understand the why behind what is being observed and reported on, understand everything on a deeper level

Not Just Report Writing

Nearly all organizations write regular reports, displaying quantities such as quarterly earnings, sales trends, etc. We believe that your data is telling you more than this, information your organization can benefit from. Any report generated by our team will seek to produce additional insights designed to improve operations.

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Predictive Modeling and Other Tools

Look forwards rather than backwards!

  • What could future scenarios mean for your organization?
  • How can your data help you manage these risks and expectations?

Risk Assesement


Resource Allocation


Decision Points and Other Ad-Hoc Analyses

Need to make an important decision? Understand something that just occurred? Look to the data! Trust us to consider from all angles, look for outside data sources, and imaginative ways to approach the problem!

Our Philosophy

We believe there is Science in Data Science!

Science is the process by which people use data and experimentation to develop conclusions and acquire knowledge

The Scientific Process

Scientific Method.png

While academics often produce results will little to no practical application in real world settings, many data scientists neglect to consider what was actually learned through the analysis of the data. At ActionStat, we believe in the scientific process, and the fact that through collecting and analyzing data, we are seeking knowledge.

Therefore, we start by learning about you!

To produce the right tools and analyses, give the right advice, and help your organization thrive, we need to understand it. It's not just about plugging a bunch of numbers into a machine and outputting a prediction.

In every analysis, it is imperative to understand why, what can be done to make improvements, and what can be done to improve the analysis. As is the case with science, to obtain the best outcomes, we must also improve our knowledge!

Data Process Maturity


Better use of data means improvements in each part of the process, from data collection, to the implementation of the results of data analysis. When data collectors understand what the data collected is being used for and analysts understand how data is collected, the end results is better.

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