More than anything in the world, I value other people, particularly those whose lives I have invested in and who have invested in me.  One of the greatest things any person can do is spend their most precious resource, time, on something that will improve the lives of others with no expectation of reward. 

I also value being around people, and enjoying the time we spend with one another.  No material possession can substitute for experiences and memories we have with people closest to us.

In a possibly conflicting manner, I also highly value individuality.  I sincerely believe that people should be allowed to pursue their lives in whatever manner they see fit, so long as the are not harming others.  

Stemming from that, I believe we have significantly more rules, structure, and regulation, both overt and subvert, than we actually need.  People helping one another out of the goodness of their own heart means way more than people doing so out of obligation or coercion.

I believe that life was meant to be enjoyed, and value experiencing things that make us happy, and more importantly, make us feel alive.  Nothing makes me feel happier than seeing people genuinely enjoy themselves.

I believe the world was meant to be explored, and would love for one of my contributions to this world, during my limited time here, to be encouraging  people to explore, travel, and consider new ideas.

I value authenticity.  Not in that in-your-face kind of way, but in that way that reassures all of us that we are not being tricked in any sort of way.  I also appreciate seeing people who have refused to give up on that one aspect of their selves that make them unique in a world full of conformist pressures.

I value the flexibility that allows us to be authentic, explore the world, and enjoy life's experiences when the opportunities to do so come up.