I am a very curious-minded individual, with many interests, more than can possibly be covered in a short summary.  I became interested in weather at a young age, and studied meteorology in both undergraduate and graduate education.  In particular, I am fascinated by severe thunderstorms, as well as other extreme weather events, and investigating how the weather impacts people.

Over time, I developed several other interests that I would describe as "life long".  I am fascinated with people, human nature, sociology and many other social sciences.  I also have a life-long interest in statistical analysis, and using statistical techniques to investigate and verify various observations.  I also love maps, geography, travel and adventure.

I was born on Long Island, just outside of New York City, spent most of my adult life in the Midwest, and now live in Denver, Colorado.  I find Denver a perfect location for all of my interests. It is a city full of transplants- people from many different places with a lot of different backgrounds.  There is also proximity to both the Rocky Mountains to the West, with all of the spectacular places to explore, and the Great Plains to the East, where the greatest concentration of tornadoes and severe storms occur.

Thank you for visiting my personal web site, and please contact me if you have any interest in any of the pursuits described on this page.