Live Your Own Life

Most near and dear to me is the ability for people to live their own lives as they see fit.  I see far to many people living out their lives based on the expectation of others, or based on outdated assumptions.  The following is a preview, an image of a life design model that I am currently conceptualizing.  A full interactive tool is forthcoming.

The concept behind this design is for each individual to design a life for themselves that better fits who they are than the one-sized-fits-all life design we often apply to ourselves and those around us.  The end result should be an individually determined life design that is both fulfilling and ambitious, but also achievable!

The following blog, titled "The New Renaissance", provides even more information and thoughts regarding our society and ourselves from the point of view of trying to ever think of better and more interesting ways to do things.

I also show off my own individuality.  I write a lot of poems that really were meant to be rap songs.  Some of them involve my own struggles and the struggles of people I observe around me.  Check it out.