1.     Do what makes you feel alive

2.     Stop doing what makes you feel like death

3.     Don’t give up on what makes you unique

4.     Critics are not worth you time

5.     Those that take solace in conformity are truly insecure, don’t let that insecurity spread to you

6.     Declare war on uptightness with me

7.     Don’t live life according to a script

8.     The only person you are accountable to is yourself

9.     Celebrate the qualities in others that draw you to them

10.  Celebrate the qualities in yourself that draw others to you

11.  Stop doing things just to win the approval of others

12.  Never lose your sense of wonder, even if people compare you to a 5 year old at the age of 30

13.  Real authority comes from subject matter expertise and life experiences, not organizational structures

14.  Stand up to those who illegitimately claim authority

15.  Dance, even if you aren’t coordinated.  You are having a better time than the people who are sitting and making fun of your lack of coordination

16.  Don’t temper your excitement when one of your 1200 favorite songs comes on

17.  Be true to your convictions, even if they are not popular

18.  Rethink your convictions

19.  Shut your inner critic up

20.  Smile at strangers

21.  Strike up a conversation with a stranger

22.  Tell your life story to a stranger

23.  Listen to a stranger tell you their life story

24.  Never settle for the mundane

25.  Do something every day that makes you feel uncomfortable

26.  Show appreciation

27.  Hold on loosely

28.  Say yes to the next thing you are invited to do

29.  Say no to people who let you down, drain your energy, or discourage you

30.  Conquering the world means something different for every person