My first love was the weather. I grew up on Long Island where I would experience major coastal storms and occasionally hurricanes. I have also always been fascinated by what makes the weather change, from rainy periods to dry periods to warm and cold spells. 

I spent my high school years in a suburb of Chicago and went on to study meteorology, getting a Bachelor's degree at Valparaiso University in Northwest Indiana an a Masters at the University of Wisconsin. During that time I primarily studied severe thunderstorm, and started chasing tornadoes.

I have several other lifelong fascinations. One is the outdoors and adventure. This is something I have been able to pursue much more since moving to Denver, Colorado. Another is human nature, how people and society work. I am interested in many of the natural and social sciences. Essentially a lot of things have peaked my intellectual curiosity over the years.

In nearly everything I pursue, there are two skill sets that are paramount; statistics and communication. Starting in graduate school, I began to see how statistical analysis is woven into everything. Every job I have had since, starting in the insurance sector in Chicago, and moving on to Data Science in Denver, has involved statistical analysis.

Communication skills are important because someone can be smarter than everyone else in the world, and unlock the key to eternal happiness. However, if this individual is completely incapable of communicating what they know with others, this discovery will be completely useless. I love communicating with others, and am often happiest in social settings, discussing ideas and sharing experiences.

Thank you for visiting my personal web site, and please contact me if you have any interest in any of the pursuits described on this page.