The bottle

Verse 1:

Aching in a way that you can’t conceive

Dumb and dumbfounded cuz you don’t perceive

Know not yourself cuz you don’t believe

Assuming something always up our sleeve


Vision getting blurry as your face turns red

Always fillin’ up with the words unsaid

Waitin and waitin’ for some go-ahead

Simple sugars take the place of bread


Go the other way, it’s a flatter path

Don’t wanna cry, I’d rather laugh

I love yo’ avatar, it’s quite a blast

Like what I got, no need for the stash



In 18 months time, you’ll be full throttle

But I know how to not make it my problem

So be cool, and just throw it in the bottle

Throw it in the bottle


Head in the clouds, that’s my motto

No bigger eye sore than a pothole

No need to see that, throw it in the bottle

Throw it in the bottle


Verse 2:

The bottle knows all, the bottle is wise

As Kendrick put it, bitch don’t steal my vibe

To those who don’t know it’s hard to describe

I’m cool, I’m real, cracka I’m alive


Look at me, I got plenty o’ dough

And I know all the hip places to go

Corn hole, yo’ every single throw

Just spent my $100 at Things that Glow


Damn right I won it, double zero not my bet

Rollin the dice, aint’ done me wrong yet

I’m flying high, every evening spent

Call me Scotty P., no ragrets




Verse 3:

I see you over there, you’re a mystery

I love to be amused by what I see

Dice now rollin’ almost constantly

Where this all goes, aint up to me


Two and two make four, or maybe make nine

The bottle reassure, it’ll all be fine

Can’t connect the dots, no straight line

Runnin’ out of space, and runnin’ out of time


Don’t know the source of my latest endeavor

Man made top quality don’t last forever

Hope I have a rock, never to sever

Embarrassed to show what’s under the sweater




Like Arabian nights, there’s a genie inside

But this one aint giving you a prize

This one know where your thought collide

This one know where your soul reside


Even the best of rides someday is through

Gotta go back and decide, what to do

Like the matrix, those pills red and blue

Like a child’s game, you got a latter or a chute


Choose latter, tough things you got to do

It’s out with the old, all that through

House destroyed, volcanic ash been spewed

18 months now till you not confused


The bottle give, and the bottle take

Real truth, the bottle can’t fake

The bottle have a purpose, it have a sake

Mind the limits on the bottle’s intake