I ain't willing to abide

By far too many laws

Got too much pride

To default to social norms

Half my friends think they've tried

But see me as a lost cause

They mad cuz I'm getting high

And they on all fours


The music pumps and pumps

I can feel it in my veins

Same tunes by their response

It just ain't the same

Hitting just another bump

They think I hydroplane

Still glad I decided to come

Even when it starts to rain


It's hard to  explain

Like the bell in Polar Express

Just ain't the same

And it ain't time for a rest

They want it plain

I see what it is; a mess

Slippin into insane

Stupid way to avoid a mess



No jeers, No fears, No tears


A robot will do what you do in 20 years


Twitter and Facebook makes me feel vindicated


For all the thoughts I confidently regurgitated


Can't get through turbulence on auto-pilot


Now I am the one that's prying


Listen closely

I got something to say

Real talk ain't only

For people wanting to get laid

Y'all don't know me

Cuz you only out there to get paid

Please stop showing me

The giant mess y'all made


Douche-turd, douche-turd

Y'all so absurd

Mocking me and my peeps

For being on the third


E-40 we all got choices

That I certainly know

Don't lose you voices

Make your options grow

Trophy only hoisted

When the towel was not thrown

I ain't lost it

Just finding a different way to go