Awakening (2018)

I just cried out seven years worth of tears

Inhaled and let go of seven years worth of fears

Woke up in a place I don't recognize, I guess this is weird

Feeling a sense of pride when I look into the mirror

They say history don't repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes

And that's why, I see parallels between the story of the West and mine

Periods of lightness, darkness, growth and decline

The only way to truly be defeated is when you decide to hide

We all have these times when we fall from grace

And maybe we all need to go on some ill-conceived crusade

Never really destined to succeed but somehow paving the way

To new people, ideas and knowledge to bring back to the game

Those Crusades did not go exactly as planned

Separated Brothers were out-gunned, but not out-manned

Returned with something more valuable than arid land

A few centuries later they were ready to expand

Even if these missions go down in flames, and we get burned

Never reaching that target, feels like nothing earned, nothing learned

Temped to descend farther and farther into the absurd

Taking on the mission is a sign that our spirit has returned

Before all the successes, before we get any piece of the pie

Comes the conscious decision no longer to hide

No longer be crippled by fear, hate, and those that we despise

Victimhood mentality has one result, way more tears to cry

The story of the West has lessons for me and for you

In dark times we need the spirit of Charlemagne to get us through

When we fell attacked from all directions, like we fucking screwed

Just barely surviving, can't even contemplate starting something new

And as long as we don't give up, decide not to succumb

To complacency, and settling for nothing but the crumbs

After seven years, I finally get a shot at something that aint dumb

I feel like its finally dawn, and in the horizon is the sun

Like my people in 1440, everything that was once great being renewed

Looking back at all that time when I didn't have a clue

The years I shrank followed by the years that I grew

Shifting to looking to the future, all the great things I be ready to do

The emotions overwhelm as I felt abused and deceived

Those dark points where I felt I could no longer do me

My own dark age, hiding what I really believe, so no-one could really see

So many people scared, mad and prepared to attack all who disagree

But when you observe your life and realize it's non stop lying

Only enabled by whatever drugs those around you are supplying

Only two choices ahead of you, one is slowly dying

The other is saying fuck it, time to just come out of hiding

Although at first it's filled with discomfort and fright

The more you do it, the more it just feels right

Over time, you will find, yourself more and more in places you like

Making plans, doing shit, finding ways to reach new heights

Like that uncovered dormant knowledge, lessons re-learned

The most important one is that the first wave is internal

The changes that need to be made, need be made within yourself first

Then your crew, their other peoples, your nation and the world